Last update-3/2/2015

Heinkel HE-111 Out of the shop finally.                 Mar 2,2015


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Name:    Carl Bachhuber

Flyin Schedule for 2015

Nakajima B5N2 Kate 1st flight.
Photo: George Becker

C-124a FDL 8/15/08...
Photo: Palmer Johnson

The Late Lockheed Hudson Landing 7/2014
Photo: Palmer Johnson

My Mission

Hi, my name is Carl Bachhuber and I am a semi-retired recluse from Mayville a small town in rural Wisconsin.

As a modeler of some 66 years my mission is simple and that is to design, build and fly every plane I've ever liked. Hopefully, I'll be able to continue this scratch building for a while longer.

I do enjoy flying these rather large and unusual planes at fly-ins and shows from the midwest to the east coast.

Click on any or all of the following pages. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

The late Avro Lancaster

B-36 on 3 at Crook's farm
Photo: Palmer Johnson

Richard Barlow and I, Chatham 2008

Dave White, Stratoliner, me

Fairey Firefly
Photo: Palmer Johnson

DC-6 at Chatham
Photo: Palmer Johnson

Convair 580/CC-109
Photo: Palmer Johnson

C-119c Flying Boxcar

Boeing Stratocruiser #377
Photo: Sal Calvagna

Great silver Fleet-2011

JoAnn, Pilot (Dog), planes

Landing at Nall, 2011
Photo: Jerry Smith